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Partnership for Growth: Unleash your potential with our strategic approach to e-commerce development, CRO, customer retention and quality assurance.

a person doing a yoga pose
a person doing a yoga pose




quality, partnership, continuous learning

We're not just e-commerce experts, we're your growth partners in crime. We build high-octane Shopify Plus stores that convert. With our in-house team of passionate e-commerce developers, you get the benefit of lightning-fast communication and laser-sharp focus on your success.

Think of us as your secret weapon, crafting bespoke experiences and working with you to plan and execute new features. From seamless integrations to pixel-perfect design implementation, we sweat the small stuff so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

We don't settle for good enough, we obsess over flawless experiences. Every pixel, every click — we believe in building stores that are not just beautiful, but bulletproof. So while your competitors are busy fixing bugs, you'll be counting conversions and celebrating milestones.

a rocky landscape with a blue sky
a rocky landscape with a blue sky


ux &


elevating and optimizing digital experiences

From immersive website designs to seamless user experiences, our team crafts digital experiences that captivate and convert.

We balance data-driven creative strategies with brand goals to optimize your online performance. Whether it's testing design variations to increase key metrics, optimizing email campaigns, or implementing accessibility recommendations, our goal is always to deliver measurable results.

site auditing

ux / ui design

heatmap analysis

a/b testing

Digital strategy



Dynamic strategy rooted in deep curiosity

At Gamma Waves, we ignite e-commerce. Through data-driven insights, strategic analysis, and clear roadmaps, we partner with you to propel your online business to new heights.Through regular "state of the business" check-ins with your team, we uncover customer behavior, market trends, and hidden opportunities, marrying that with your evolving business goals to ensure that every feature meets your business goals and fuels your conversion funnel.

ecommerce strategy

product planning

business intelligence

competitive analysis