In the ever-evolving landscape of online retail, establishing a robust and user-friendly e-commerce platform is critical for success. Nuun, a trailblazing hydration brand committed to delivering innovative products to health-conscious consumers, embarked on a mission to create an exceptional online shopping experience that would reflect their brand ethos and drive revenue growth.

Nuun sought Sellry’s expertise to guide them through this transformative process, culminating in the creation of a seamless and feature-rich e-commerce platform that surpassed all expectations.
With a strong partnership, Nuun and Sellry set forth to develop an exceptional e-commerce site that would resonate with their audience and fuel Nuun’s market expansion. Sellry's expertise in Shopify development, user experience design, and e-commerce best practices was instrumental in crafting a user-friendly platform that streamlined the shopping process and showcased Nuun's products and brand story

As the site gained traction, Nuun's brand visibility and sales surged significantly, catching the attention of industry leaders. Building upon this newfound momentum, Nuun was able to solidify its position as a key player in the hydration market, ultimately leading to an acquisition by Nestlé. The acquisition marked a pivotal milestone for Nuun, enabling the brand to reach new heights while staying true to its core values. The success of the e-commerce site, combined with Sellry’s strategic guidance, proved to be a driving force behind Nuun's remarkable growth and subsequent acquisition, showcasing the transformative impact of a well-executed collaboration in the world of e-commerce.
Collaborating with this team has completely transformed our approach! Their exceptional strategic skills in enhancing our user experience and implementing conversion-focused best practices truly make them stand out. Their collaboration has played a pivotal role in our growth.

Calvin Scrimshire, Manager, Nestlé Health Services