In the fast-paced world of beauty and hair care, staying on top means having more than just fabulous products – you need an online platform that wows customers and drives sales. Fekkai, a heritage brand for luxury hair care, knew they had to level up their digital game to cater to their audience and to better communicate their brand, product and ingredient stories.
To invigorate Fekkai's digital presence and unleash its full potential, Sellry embarked on a visionary site redesign and rebuild on the powerful Shopify 2.0 platform. With a laser focus on driving conversions, Sellry's experts meticulously crafted optimized subscription flows, enticing customers to embrace the convenience of repeat purchases.

Product Detail Pages (PDPs) were thoughtfully revamped, captivating users with persuasive content and compelling visuals that led to an elevated shopping experience. The seamless integration of subscription options and the reimagined PDPs proved to be a winning formula, as Fekkai's online sales surged, solidifying their position as an industry leader in beauty and hair care.